l'oréal professionel

At L'Oréal Professional, we are proud to support professionals in expressing their creativity. Creativity, innovation, partnership: Three reasons that inspire more than one million hairstylists, among the best from 150 countries, to choose L'Oréal Professional as a partner. Number one in the world in colour and professional products.The support of an international brand with one of the most successful hair colour factories in the world based in Quebec. L'Oréal Professional combines its passion for fashion with avant-garde technology. It offers high-performance products, whose innovative technologies fulfill the needs of even the most difficult clients. By combining colour, treatment, styling, and texture, the brand offers an exclusive professional toolbox where fashion and technology ensure spectacular results every time.

Kérastase PARIS

Treatment and massage in private room
Kérastase Express
Kérastase Ritual
Kérastase Chronologiste caviar treatment
In a place devoted to beauty, in a world of luxury dedicated to well-being, Orbite and Kérastase reinvent hair care.

Exclusif to Kérastase, the Rituals represent the ultimate experience in scalp and hair care. Soothing massages, rich textures, delicate perfumes... Taking care of your hair has never been so pleasurable. 
For more than 40 years, Kérastase has been developing customized Rituals to heal, repair and refine your hair. An original combination of advanced technology and relaxation, each Ritual targets your needs at the source and visibly transforms your hair. Let yourself be guided by your Kérastase expert at Orbite who, following a personnalized diagnostic of your capillary condition, will choose the Ritual best adapted to your needs. Once the Ritual completed, you will receive a recommendation allowing you to maintain your treatment at home.

Abandon yourself with delight to the world of Kérastase capillary treatments.


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Treatment and massage in private rooM
Shu Uemura Express
Shu Uemura Ceremony

In 1958, Shu Uemura set forth to revolutionize the world of make-up. For the past 50 years he has striven to reinvent new standards in beauty.
Today, more than half a century after the brand’s debut in Tokyo, Shu Uemura’s revolutionary vision continues to guide his quest towards expressing ultimate beauty.

SHU UEMURA ART OF HAIR brings together the confidence in the power of nature and science with the passion and sensitivity of an artist. This perfect balance constitutes the unique world of Shu Uemura.

“Never stop thinking, improving, innovating. Creating something that is universally beautiful, that is art.” 
(Shu Uemura)

Philosophy: Enhancing hair to natural perfection.
Create a flawless fiber. Achieve perfect harmony between texture, shape and radiance.

GEEWIG / Gaël Betts

Offering more than twenty years of experience as a hairdresser and recognized by the well known names in the industry, Gaël Betts stands out by his extraordinary talent, his creativity and his professionalism.

Right from the start he was welcomed by the major leagues in his field. During the first years of his career, he worked with competition teams, took part in several congresses, seminars and hairstyle shows. The rigidity of the medium allowed him to acquire a remarkable experience.

By his uniqueness and being a rare fined in his expertise, demands by beauty professionals for film sets and photo shoots increased. Over the years, thanks to his collaboration on these sets, he got a wig maker and designer training and quickly discovered skills and a passion to make elaborate creations and specialized in special effects.

Working, during many years, with the already existing types of hair extensions, he decides to put together his many talents and create a new method of hair extensions helped raise the industry standards.

By combining his knowledge, his originality and his many acquired methods, today, Gael is very proud to present you the products line G.wave by Gaël Betts® and the popular GEEwig™!